Resolve Low Back Issues Part 7: What Happens When You Need To Seek Care?

Our intention with this series on Low Back Pain has been to inform and empower you, or your loved ones, to take action and realize that movement can help, as well as, prevent low back pain. That your low back pain is not a life sentence.

While all of this information is useful and should be utilized before, during, and after a Back Pain episode, the reality is that some people will need to seek care.

You have had a front row seat to one pillar of our care, the education and exercise component. When seeking care for low back pain, putting your faith solely in one person, and relying on them for everything is not advised and will severely hinder your progress.


As a Sports Chiropractor that treats low back pain every single day…we see it time and again in our patients… If home care is not adhered to and a person does not take their situation seriously and put in the effort, back pain will take forever (or it seems that way) to resolve.

Today we are going to give you another up-close look at our care process, this time what we actually do here in the office. Our goals are to (1) Determine the cause of your pain/injury (2) Provide care in the office that helps you toward your goal of running, golfing, sleeping, moving again…pain-free, and (3) Give you the tools and education to help yourself.

We structure our care around 3 pillars: Soft Tissue, Joint Motion, Exercise. We have exhausted our opinion and writing on exercise, please refer to parts 1-6 for direction. Now, lets briefly take a look at what care looks like inside the office.




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Dr. Reheisse is a Board Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician practicing in Cottonwood Heights Utah. Revive Sport & Spine provides evidence-supported chiropractic care and conservative sports injury management.