Functional & Rehabilitative Taping

You have seen it everywhere, from Pee-Wee Football to Olympic & Professional Athletes across the world...

What does kinesio tape do?

In short, Kinesio Tape is an effective, corrective means to treat you, the patient, while you are not in the physicians office.  Just as in all other things in life, moderation is important.  We have all seen the athlete who 'has to be' tapped to perform at their best when all they are really doing is taping up a weakness they want to keep hidden or just do not want to put in the work to address.   Kinesiology taping is intended to speed healing, aid in the correction of dysfunctional movement and help re-establish proper muscle tone from a hyper or hypo state.  Most sports type injuries respond well when adding Kinesio taping to the treatment plan as care must be given outside of our office to maintain proper movement while allowing the tissues to heal properly. 

Research:  Kinesio tape use in endurance athletes

Kinesio taping has been shown to aid in injury prevention as well as prevent cramps and contractures during endurance events (1).  Kinesio taping is an effective, non-restrictive aid for most sports injuries, including shin splints, IT band syndrome, hamstring & quad strains, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis and runners knee.  It was shown in one study that kinesio taping for runners knee effectively decreased pain during activity, as well as increased activity of the knees supporting muscles, making it more stable and biomechanically sound (2).  

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(2)  Lee CR, Lee DY, Jeong HS, Lee MH.  The effect of kinesio taping on VMO and VL EMG activities during stair ascent and descent by persons with patellofemoral pain syndrome (Runners Knee).  Journal of Physical Therapy & Science.  2012.