How to participate: 

1. There are only 20 Spots available for each class; Email darrell from wasatch Running Center at To grab one for the class/classes you would like to attend, Spots will go quickly.

2. These will be hands on!  Come with a mat (if you need one) and in comfortable running clothes, we will be moving around. 

3. If you take a spot and have something come up, please let us know so we can give it to the next person on the waiting list.  Again, space for our use is limited and will only be able to ACCOMMODATE 20.  


Details of each class:

1. Foam Rolling Clinic - 3/31

  • The how, what, when & why of foam rolling!  

2. Warming Up & Cooling Down - 4/7

  • The days of static stretching are over...for the most part!
  • Warming up, how to do it actively, dynamically, & correctly.  
  • Cooling down, why it is often neglected & why it is so beneficial...the first person who mentions lactic acid is out!

3. Injury Prevention - Bumps & Bruises Clinic - 4/14

  • Self-treatment & prevention.  Why it is so hard to treat yourself.  
  • We are going to look at the most common 5 running set-backs and discuss what YOU can do.  
    • Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinopathy, Shin Splints, IT Bandy Syndrome, Runners Knee

4. Strength Training for Runners - 4/21

  • Why are runners traditionally AFRAID of it.....why you should NOT be!
  • Training in all 3 planes of movement and the best exercise for your sport.  

5. Peak Performance Mobility, Stability, Efficiency & Form - 4/28

  • Mobility & Stability of the Thoracic Spine, Hips, & Ankles and why it makes a huge difference in your ability and efficiency.
  • Breathing with you diaphragm, when did you lose it?
  • Running form?  Uh-oh, what's he going to say about form...come find out!