We are excited to be in such an outgoing, adventurous community.  Because of this, we have aligned our self with organizations that support our efforts in keeping you training, racing and moving well.  We are excited to be able to work with amazing race organizers, supplement companies that focus on endurance sports, local shops & businesses as well as various charitable organization in the Salt Lake community. 


TriUtah is a locally organized triathlon community and race series that culminates with the Utah State Triathlon Championships. Through each season, there are various race lengths for all levels of fitness and competition.  We are proud to provide post-race support for all participants and have in office specials for those signed up for an upcoming race.  

Sports am

Sports Am hosts a variety of snowshoeing, running & cycling events around the Salt Lake area for almost 20 years now.  The races are all fun, competitive and provide a unique approach to the coveted finishers medal in a family friendly environment.  If you are looking to get out and have some fun, these races are for you.   

wasatch trail series

The Wasatch Trail Series has you covered for your summer trail running series!  This series goes from early April to August with races each Wednesday night covering various areas of the Wasatch Front.  We are excited to provide care each week and work with our great trail running community.  We will have weekly drawings and possibly have sponsorship opportunities for part of the series.  Looking forward to seeing you all in the hills.  


The Salt Lake Track Club is an athletic organization that provides for the association of persons interested in personal health and wellness through the activity of running.  The Club's primary focus is distance running, but all types of runners are welcome.  Volunteerism is also strongly promoted and is an essential component of the Club.  As an athletic organization, we organize, promote, and support Club sponsored races and training runs that provide opportunities for runners to associate and compete.  In addition, we support fitness in the community through support of children's and high school running events throughout the Salt Lake City area as well as volunteer efforts at selected local races.  Our activities are dedicated to promoting the welfare of the Club membership and the Utah running community.


The Mountain Trails Foundation is a non-profit organization that is Park City's trail advocate group.  They are dedicated to supporting and promoting local trails now and into the future for non-motorized recreational use.  The long-term goal of the Mountain Trails Foundation is to provide the greater Park City community and its visitors with diverse recreational opportunities, and continue to foster strong relationships with the local organizations and open space groups which can help make it all happen.





If you would like to work together on a Salt Lake City event or have Dr. Reheisse present to or fill the role of your running/triathlon/cycling club team physician,  fill out the form below and we will get back with you shortly.  

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